Weebo is all about the human factor because each user is unique and has different needs and wishes. We started this company on November 2015 with the mission to do everything in our power to enhance the user experience for each specific user.

Alon Binman, Co-Founder & CEO:

“We wish to create a place where users will trust the e-commerce sites and won’t feel they are trying to push products just for the sake of selling. A place where the vendors will speak to them in their own language, hold their hand through the process of deciding and buying products that they really need and want. That each vendor will provide the users, his customers, the ultimate user experience and gain users trust.
It’s a win win situation for both sides."

On November 2016 we received seed funding, to get us going, from ‘The time’ incubator (Chief Scientist Office of Israel). We are working hard and results are very clear even in Weebos’ early stage.

We will do everything we can to get our vision out to as many e-commerce sites so more and more people can enjoy easier, better personalized shopping.

We know this sounds too good to be true and you are probably thinking this is not really possible, so please contact us and we will show you what we learned so far and how it works.

Our team

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Our values

"Our customer's needs are the key to understand what motivates them. Addressing their motivations reflect that we are listening to them and gaining their trust."

Loyalty is our first value, and that means we are always truthful and honest with our employees, customers, and end users. We are all on the same side. We say what we mean and we believe in transparency - what you see is what you get.

Team Work:
Teamwork is one of our companies’ core values. Good, successful teamwork is based on open communication and working together to achieve the same goal. This is how we work with both our employees and customers. We are all working together as one team.

We aim to be accessible for everyone and meet their needs in a plain, straightforward, not complicated manner - the most appropriate and convenient way.

Weebo is a nerdy guru with tons of knowledge in various domains. We want to share that knowledge and keep on innovating personalized e-commerce products to make sure our customers are on top.

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